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HomeTreat is an effort to bring authentic, tasteful vegetarian food to connoisseurs likeyou. Our food is prepared with outmost care with respect to hygiene, quality and taste without compromising on authenticity. In short, we put the ingredients in same measureas your grandmother did! We do not believe in breaking down food only into nutrients,calories, carbs or fats. We would like you to experience the taste of food as how yourgrandmother did, how she cooked it, and how she relished what she ate!

It's quite simple. We have a pre-set menu for all 7 days of the week in South IndianMealbox and South Indian RiceBowl categories. The Menu section in the website gives the daily breakup for Lunch and Dinner. You can either order for a single meal, or twice aday, for a week or take a monthly meal pass as per your choice, in any of the category asper your mix and match. The idea of pre-setting the menu is to take you through anexciting journey of mouth-watering flavours throughout the week.

The timeline to place any order is before 6PM of the day. If you wish to place any orderfor tomorrow either for lunch or dinner, you will have to place the same before 6 PMtoday. After 6 PM today, the order will be accepted for day after tomorrow

We understand that you might not have any control on sudden cravings for yourfavourite food and would like to have it on your plate as soon as possible. But believe us,you will be the happiest to know, that we endeavour to prepare your food with thefreshest produce possible. Hence these timelines help us secure the best and thefreshest produce for you.

Orders once placed cannot be cancelled, since we may have already started working onthe order by initiating produce purchase etc. However, you can call us on our HelplineNumber, WhatsApp us or Email us before 6PM of the day, to see what best we can do interms of rescheduling the order.

Well this is a question we love answering. For starters, how about trying us once for youto feel the difference first-hand.

Not convinced yet…so here we go.

1. We have a homely kitchen wherein the food is prepared exactly the way it is at yourhome: only organized effectively to cater to a larger audience. The difference between ahome kitchen and commercial one is mainly around the objective. Home kitchens addtaste, flavours, ingredients in perfect blend along with a dose of love and warmth. Youwill see this reflected in our food.

2. Bring back the taste to your palates. As we are getting more modernized by the day,we are losing our appreciation for our traditional cuisines, plus some common sensealong the way! Our dietic system has been broken into a mere metric system, whereineverything is measured in calories. A little bit awareness about our own local, traditionaldiets along with a systematic understanding of health will help bring “our? taste backinto mainstream.

3. The adage goes like “the devil lies in the details?. For us details are very important.Simple things like handpicking every single produce carefully goes a long way inenhancing the quality and taste. Secondly, Ingredients and Measures bring out the bestin any cooked dish. Ours are fresh, sourced responsibly, and amongst the best availablein the market. Using the best quality oil and not reusing it; red chilli powder, turmeric andmasala’s that are freshly grinded in our own kitchen, are some of our best kept secrets.That is till now!

The pricing is based as per Mealbox or RiceBowl. It does not change with day ordifferent curry preparations. The below table illustrates this.

Category Rate
South Indian MealBox Rs 152
South Indian RiceBowl Rs 85
South Indian CurdBowl Rs 85

The above pricing is inclusive of all charges for packaging and delivery and excludesGST.

All our preparations are generic in nature to suit the general taste buds. Hence,customization will not be possible for regular orders. However, only in case of specialorders above 100, you can share your inputs via email, WhatsApp or a phone call only atthe time of placing the order, or before 6 PM of the day, and we would be glad to go theextra mile for you.

The delivery timings for all special orders are as follows:-

Orders for Lunch will be delivered anytime between 11AM to 1PM

Orders for Dinner will be delivered anytime between 7PM to 9PM

About HomeTreat

Your Search for Authentic, Tasteful, Homely Vegetarian food has led You to HomeTreat.Now enjoy our delicious MealBoxes & RiceBowls every day of the week!!

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